Vika and Linda at the Caravan Music Club 10/06/12

with She Said Zed
Caravan Music Club, Sunday 10th June 2012

I had already had a busy couple of days even for a long weekend, but I still wanted to come see Vika and Linda after missing them the last couple of times. As it turned out I didn't end up staying that long, but I was still glad to have gone.

Support for the gig was the band She Said Zed with members between the ages of 17 and 12. The audience appreciated them and Vika and Linda even got them to introduce the main part of the show.

By the time Vika and Linda started I was getting a bit tired and decided to leave to go home and get some rest before the Liz Stringer CD launch. There were lots of people at the gig when I left and everyone was enjoying themselves.


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