Wagons at the Caravan Music Club 09/03/12

with Dan Waters, The Nymphs
as part of the Carnival of Suburbia
Caravan Music Club, Friday 9th March 2012

I hadn't seen Wagons since last year so I was looking forward to this gig and also seeing the Nymphs at the venue.

Dan Waters was up first and I thought he went well.

Clare was the only one there for sound check, but eventually the rest of the Nymphs arrived and they even have some new songs now. I am looking forward to seeing them again already.

There were a lot of people in the venue by the time the Wagons started. I stayed for the first few songs, then went down the road to see Mic Conway for a bit. When I got back they were half way through the set and heaps of people were up the front. I was surprised everyone in the standing section stayed to the one side and didn't end up in front of the stage as happens sometimes. Henry did stand on a chair down in the audience for Willie Nelson and Si got down for the Bizness. They did end up doing an encore, but I was tired from the previous night and ended up getting a taxi home early so I didn't hang around to talk to the band afterwards.

Wagons are meant to be working on a new album soon and Henry went over to the US again recently, I hope it goes well.


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