The After Dinner Moose Revue - the songs of Peter Lillie

with the Leisuremasters (Mark Ferrie, Ash Davies, Jon von Goes, Rick Dempster, James Black) and guest vocalists Suzannah Espie, Angie Hart, Sean Kelly & Andrew Duffield (Models), Spencer P Jones, Fred Negro, Mick Thomas, Lisa Miller, Simon Bailey (Pony Face), Dan Warner, Paul Madigan, Jane Clifton, Johnny Topper, Robert Price, Leslie Avril, Brian Nankervis, Gary Adams, Ian Bland
as part of the Carnival of Suburbia 2013
Caravan Music Club, Saturday 16th March 2013

Set List:
Ian - Poem
Lisa Miller - Poetry and Western
Mick Thomas - Adventures in Paradise
Peter Luscombe - Big Jim
Angie Hart - Sunshine
Spencer P Jones - Tom Beastly's Party
Simon Bailey - Suburban Blonde
Robert Price - Heart Starter
Johnny Topper - Robert Mitcham Walk
Johnny Topper, Ian Bland, Gary Adams, Jane Clifton - Going to see a man about a dog

-- set break --

Paul Madigan - Road to Gundagai
Gary Adams - Winter Poem
Dan Warner - Bad Wire
Suzannah Espie - Brand New Appliance
Rick Dempster - Truckin' Bossanova
Leslie Avril - Johnny Cash Song
JVG - Fever Beat
Leisuremasters - Dangerman
Mark Ferrie - Mechanics in a Relaxed Manner
Models - Holiday House
Fred Negro - Hangin' 'Round the House
Brian Nankervis - The Ute

Gary Adams - There Ain't No 7-11s in Heaven

I had gone to see Peter Lillie a few times when he was still playing with JVG in the Leisuremasters and even saw them when they did a show at the Queenscliff Music Festival in 2007. While it was good to meet the family at the memorial service and see a couple of people do a tribute to Peter, I ended up leaving early that day so it was great to hear that JVG had decided to hold a tribute to Peter for the festival.

Having this show and the Stopping All Stations gig within a week of each other is quite a lot of effort and considering that JVG also had weddings to do on the day of the gig it is also something special. I liked seeing everyone having a good time up on stage and am happy to see all the smiles in the photos of the performers.

There were a lot of singers for this show, a couple were not really that well known for singing such as Peter Luscombe, Johnny Topper and Brian Nankervis so they did a good job.

Also great were the anecdotes and the spoken word pieces from the plays that Peter Lillie had written. Spencer P Jones did an extract from "Tom Beastly's Party" set to music and I enjoyed Mark Ferrie's story about Nick Cave getting in trouble for picking at the cork ceiling of a venue.

What also made it special is that most of the singers had some connection with Peter Lillie and even those who did not know him bought something special to the songs. I would love to see them continue to sing them in the future, but will see how that goes.

Rick Dempster mentioned how he was hired for his looks and his dancing and even ended up dancing during Fever Beat, despite saying he would not.

I would admit that Fred was a bit too "festive", but he does sing quite a few of Peter Lillie's songs in his various bands still, so it was still good to see him get to sing.

It was an excellent night and sets a high bar for any tribute nights in the future and also any ensemble gigs coming up later in the year.


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