Bluegrass Extravaganza at the Caravan Music Club 16/08/13

wtih The Davidson Brothers, Mustered Courage
Caravan Music Club, Friday 16th August 2013

After quite a long break from gigs at the Caravan at least for me it was good to be back and with something I knew wasn't going to be too busy. I was surprised to see the amount of people who did make it due to the weather, but Mustered Courage did sell out their CD launch I went to a few months back.

I can't remember when I last saw the Davidson Brothers, it would have to be before I started taking photos as I do remember seeing them, just not having any photos of it. There was quite a lot of witty banter between songs and I think they will do great at the Meredith Music Festival as a lot of young people like to dance to Bluegrass.

Mustered Courage played the second set and also went well. I had not seen them play since their CD launch, but I had also supported their Pozible campaign to go to Nashville as they should do well over there.

For the final set both bands got together to play some songs together, finishing on Man of Constant Sorrow from the O' Brother soundtrack.

It was a good night and thanks to Mustered Courage for giving me a lift home after as I could not get a taxi.


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