Boxwars 19: Scurvy Ridden Maggots

Caulfield Park, Boxing Day 2013

I knew this was coming up months ago, but there was so much on for me in December I kind of forgot about it until just before Christmas.

Much like the last few years, the weather was a bit poor earlier in the day. It was raining when I went over to see Hoss and Josh setting up. They said there originally wasn't going to be a big cardboard ship, but they got access to a studio to work on it at the last minute and hired a truck to bring it in.

While I was home editing photos the weather cleared up and it was quite hot and windy when I went back over to the park at 4pm. It didn't seem like there were going to many competitors, but quite a few turned up along with a big crowd. Some little kid kept asking for a cardboard sword to be made for him on the spot whilst the organisers were running around setting stuff up, he sure was persistent.

I was happy to see the group of cardboard warriors turn up in one big group, they went to town on their costumes. Word is that they may be starting their own BoxWars chapter and hopefully there will be more than one BoxWars per year.

Keeping for the theme for the year being pirates, there were a lot of appropriate costumes and even Richard Hybernator the commentator was in pirate costume.

The actual battle seemed to happen quite fast, the boat was capsized within about 30 seconds and attempts to re-raise the masts failed. The whole thing was pretty much over and done within 15 minutes this year. I ended up having something hit me in the back of the head, which does not usually happen but there's a first time for everything.

As usual I went home to backup the photos and made it back to find everyone still packing up.

This year I also managed to make it to the after party gig with the Hybernators and also the birthday for two of the BoxWars members. It was a big day and I look forward to next year. The BoxWars next engagement will be at the Sydney Festival in January where they will be doing a tribute to Mad Max at the launch.


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