The Break at the Caravan Music Club 30/05/13

Caravan Music Club, Thursday 30th May 2013

I had heard a lot about this band, but not had the opportunity to see them as yet.

Midnight Oil was before my time and I not seem the Violent Femmes play live either so I am not really expecting them to play the same sort of music.

From what I have heard a lot of people are starting to follow this band around and see all their gigs, which I can believe now having gone to see them.

They played two sets with the drums bought forward into a prominent position on the stage for obvious reasons.

My favourite song was Winkipop, but I did like all the songs they played and the space visuals and background of videos from the International Space Station.

Highly recommended and well worth going to see especially if you are a fan of surf rock.


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