Caravan Campfire Sessions 11/09/13

with Suzannah Espie, Marlon Williams, Kerryn Fields
Caravan Music Club, Wednesday 11th September 2013

I had to come straight from work for this gig, but it was worth it as working later I would not get home and back in time.

First up was Kerryn Fields who had some great songs and was funny even though she says she wasn't in full funny mode this time.

Marlon Williams had a great voice and is also another performer I had not seen until now. I will look forward to seeing him again.

Suzannah was great as always and even had some people singing along, including on the two new songs she sung on the night (harmonies only). It was good to see some people like Suzannah's singing as much as me.

Not sure if I will make the next Campfire Session, but Sweet Jean will be playing so it should be good.


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