Chris Wilson/Sandi Thom at the Caravan Music Club 04/05/13

Caravan Music Club, Saturday 4th May 2013

I had last seen Chris Wilson and band play on New Year's Eve and had not heard about Sandi Thom before so I was interested in this gig.

It was a bit of a different show as Chris Support and Shannon Bourne did a short set before Sandi Thom and then came back and did a set with a band after.

Sandi Thom was good and she mostly did her newer songs that people enjoyed as well as the more famous "I wish I was a punk rocker (with flowers in my hair)".

As Sweet Felicia was away touring there was a different person on bass for the band set and I decided to leave a bit early that night due to being up the night before. It was still a good night though and I will try to get down to see Chris Wilson down at the Flying Saucer club when he has a gig there.


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