Combined Community Cup Training 17/06/13

Elsternwick Park, Monday 17th June 2013

It was cold, wet and miserable when I arrived at the combined training and I couldn't see anyone on the oval so I thought it had finished. As it turned out they were using the back oval to save the playing surface.

"When playing with balls, mind windows in walls" came to mind as the handballs flew thick and fast and everyone finally went out to train after a speech.

I did watch people train in the rain for a fair while, did not know there was an injury on the night, I only heard the next morning. I had already gone to watch the Rockdogs Cheerleaders train and talked to Adrian helping prepare the soup for the players after training.

I have to say I did get revved up after the training as it finally felt like it was Community Cup time of year. I have not been able to attend the other training sessions unfortunately as I never know when they are on.

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