Reclink Community Cup 2013

with Justine Clarke and the Rebelles, Super Wild Horses, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Beasts of Bourbon
Elsternwick Park, Sunday 23rd June 2013

Final Score:
Megahertz 4 4 (28)
Rockdogs 4 4 (28)

Even though I had already had a couple of late nights with Liz Stringer and Wagons gigs the two nights before, I still got up at 9am on Sunday morning so I could do my traditional walk down Elsternwick Park around 10am. I arrived around 11am and ended up having to wait outside the gates as they were not letting anyone in early this year for some reason. I did not get in the Rockdogs changing rooms this year so I made up for it by taking more photos of actual dogs. I was lucky that I had just started working recently and even luckier I was paid recently so I could make it.

Justine Clare with a backing band made up by members of the Rebelles were up first and I cannot remember such a big crowd so early.

I did see some of the Super Wild Horses and also walked around the ground during their set as I did several times during the day. I believe I walked past where my friends were sitting four times and did not see them.

I was still out on the ground for the teams running out on the Rockdogs interchange bench area for a lot of the match. The Rockdogs cheerleaders were there but they were walking around the ground most of the day so I did not see them.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard played at half time and it was good to seeing them after not being able to get into the tent last year at Queenscliff Music Festival after You Am I played on the Saturday night. I enjoyed the lead singer's funny faces in particular.

I didn't really watch as much of the game this year as there is so much on my attention is all over the place. The draw seemed a bit more fair this year but next year they should do penalty goals (extra time may not generate a result plus there is a curfew) as three in a row is too much.

It was great to see the Beasts of Bourbon again and in a lot better circumstances than I saw them last time. I did get to see them play Chase the Dragon this time (I left early to see Don Walker before they played it last time.) I tried to find my friends in the crowd watching them on the footy ground, but still could not. Luckily I got to catch with Molly leaving the ground and the train into the city. I don't usually go to a gig after, but I did make it to see the Warner Brothers at the Standard Hotel and get to sit down, it was worth it.

$100,000 was raised on the day for Reclink with over 10,000 people attending, a fantastic result and I notice it is starting to become a lot more well known now with promotion even on commercial radio and the AFL Footy Show. Not sure if it can get any bigger at the current ground and it is good to have it where it is for the moment.


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