Crown of Thorns at the Caravan Music Club 04/11/13

with Liam Gerner & the Alan Ladds, Steve Tallis
Caravan Music Club, Monday 4th November 2013

Crown of Thorns were a bit before my time, but after missing the last two shows on Cup Eve at the Caravan Music Club (there was no show last year), I was looking forward to this show.

Steve Tallis was first up and I thought he went well. Was a lot of serious blues fans in on the night who enjoyed him.

I had heard the name the Alan Ladds around before, but hadn't managed to catch them. I thought they went well and I will try to see them around town.

I always know it is going to be a big show when I walk around and see media people's names on the tables and this show had been talked up on the radio as being the one to go see even though there about four other shows to go see on the same night. The songs were familiar to me, but I had not heard them played with a full band before or at least not this line up (the Spidermen was the last full band I saw with Chris Wilson).

As expected it was an older audience and a lot of people got up to dance quite early in the night and stayed dancing for the whole show. I left a bit before the end, but they also did a tribute to Lou Reed as one of the songs for the encore. It was a great night and the band is going to play a few more times around the place including at festivals this year.


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