Dale Watson and His Lone Stars at the Caravan Music Club 30/11/13

with Bakersfield Glee Club
Caravan Music Club, Saturday 30th November 2013

Tonight was always going to be a party night and I still wanted to make it even though I had already been out two nights in a row.

First up was the Bakersfield Glee Club who went well and had people up dancing early.

Dale Watson and His Lone Stars are a band people go to see to dance and whoop up to. People were bringing up shots for the band within a couple of songs and the dance floor was extended for people who wanted to get up and dance. Quite a few people at the gig had seen Dale Watson at his bar in Austin and been to Chicken Shit Bingo on the Sunday Arvo.

I had RRR BBQ Day the next day so I only stayed for the first set, it was still a good night though and I will try to catch Dale Watson the next time he comes out.


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