Dave Warner's From the Suburbs at the Caravan Music Club 31/08/13

with Martin Cilia
Caravan Music Club, Saturday 31st August 2013

I had enjoyed Dave Warner's show at the Carnival of Suburbia last year and was looking forward to this show as it was going to be a full band show rather than just Dave and a couple of other people.

I even bought the new re-release of Correct Weight and This is My Planet before the show and got Dave Warner to sign it after the show.

Support for the night was Martin Cilia from the Atlanics and it was a good set. I thought more people would have been dancing to it. The band have recently toured California and were well received.

Dave Warner's From the Suburbs were great and did two sets during their show. They even did some songs that have not been played for a while and the band included Martin Cilia as part of the line up.

It was a great night and I even heard someone say on the way out that it was "better than 30 years ago", well of course, Dave's had 30 years to practice.


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