Dog Trumpet at the Caravan Music Club 17/08/13

with Lisa Miller and Shane O'Mara
Caravan Music Club, Saturday 17th August 2013

Dog Trumpet are always a good gig to have at the Caravan and I was looking forward to seeing them after quite a while.

Lisa Miller played the first set with Shane O'Mara as she does go well with them.

I did think Dog Trumpet were just going to play songs off the new double album, but they mixed in some of the older songs also. Reg Mombassa removed his shirt for the last song after Pete's constant goading. They ended up doing a second encore and some more songs after that, but I decided to call it a night early this time. The new album looks good and I will try to get a CD of theirs as they said they are doing a new pressing of the older albums. I want to get the Jesus song.


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