Don Walker Hully Gully album launch at the Caravan Music Club 29/11/13

with Suzannah Espie, Roy Payne
Caravan Music Club, Friday 29th November 2013

I had to leave the last Don Walker gig early last time due to there being so many people sitting on the floor and being no way to take photos without getting in front of someone. Having enjoyed his new album quite a lot I was determined not to have the same thing happen and I also wanted to enjoy myself.

Roy Payne played a few songs and then was joined by Suzannah Espie, who sounded especially beautiful on the night as if she was singing extra special for Don Walker's birthday.

Don Walker did end up playing most of the songs off the new album, but in a different order. It was a very special gig and the who's who of the Melbourne singer songwriter scene was there to witness it and also the next night at the Flying Saucer Club I hear.

As I was a bit tired from the previous night, I popped out before the encore. The audience started singing happy birthday to Don Walker, which was nice.


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