The Wives of Henry VIII with reigning Princess of Burlesque, Strawberry Siren 27/10/13

Dr Sketchys Melbourne
The Toff in Town, Sunday 27th October 2013

After missing the session last month due to the Dames album launch show I was determined not to miss this one as I usually cannot attend the November session due to being at Queenscliff Music Festival that weekend. I had been to a lot more of the sessions this year and have enjoyed them.

This month's model was the Strawberry Siren who I have enjoyed going to see in the past. She had just returned from a national and international tour and is having one last show later in November before she goes to London to live.

It was a great session and we even got to send a message to Molly Crabapple who is retiring from Dr Sketchy's and shutting down the New York branch after running it since 2005 due to her other projects going so well. I have only talked to Molly a couple of times over email, but she always seemed nice.

Next month's session will be on the 1st of December, no good for me as I will be at RRR BBQ Day, but I am sure a lot of people will make it and then you can go see Guitar Wolf at the Tote after. Hopefully Mel is better by then as she lost her voice during this month's session and still managed to finish the day.


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