Dr Sketchys at The Famous Speigeltent 09/03/13

with CASUS
The Famous Speigeltent, Saturday 9th March 2013

Even though it was a busy weekend for me with the Carnival of Suburbia, I was still looking forward to coming to see Dr Sketchys at the Speigeltent again as I have not been able to afford to go see any other shows this year in the venue.

Special guests for the day where CASUS who did some acrobatics to start off with and then more traditional poses. It was a bit easier to draw them this time around though as they were not so acrobatic in the static poses. I also enjoyed one of the performers talking about his traditional Samoan tattoos as I have not been to many sessions where the performers get to say something while posing.

It was a great session and I will hopefully be able to make it for the next one at the Spiegeltent and one at the Toff in Town on Easter Sunday before that.


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