Fiona Lee Maynard and Her Holy Men Video Launch

with the Originals, Los Dominados
Flying Saucer Club, Thursday 31st October 2013

I had been looking forward to this gig, but it was on a Thursday night so it was always going to be hard to get to this and still work the next day.

The two support bands went well with the Originals even getting Jack Howard up to support.

Before the main band there was a break where Tony Biggs introduced the video clip and a Q&A afterwards with the director.

I didn't end up staying that long after Fiona's band started, but I reckon I still ended up getting some good shots. If the photos I put up as a preview end up as someone's Facebook profile pic then I know they liked it. I am sure everyone had a good time afterwards and I will try to get back to see Fiona Lee Maynard and her Holy Men in the future.


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