Flamin' Groovies at the Caravan Music Club 27/04/13

with EVEN
Caravan Music Club, Saturday 27th April 2013

As with last year, I was not able to make the Dig It Up festival, so I was glad to be able to see the Flamin' Groovies play at the Caravan.

Also great was EVEN playing their first gig at the venue, Ash Naylor has been there a few times before playing with other bands however.

It was one of the louder gigs I had been to for a while, I had a headache the next day from just the loudness. I normally don't carry earplugs except in exceptional circumstances but will remember it in future. The Flamin' Groovies played well and some of their fans even dressed up for the occasion. I was glad to have seen them and heard more of their songs than just "Shake Some Action".


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