Flying Saucer Future Stars

2013 Special Guest Highlights
with Slim Customers, Gallie, Leticia Maher, Belle Rossco (unseen)
Flying Saucer Club, Thursday 19th December 2013

I did not think I was going to make this show due to something else that had came up, but at the last minute it was cancelled so I decided to come down without telling Leticia so I could surprise her. It had been quite a hot day so some people who said they were coming, could not make it in the end.

There had been a charity gig on right before it, so it started a bit later than advertised.

The opening act was a bit different than I am used to, but I am sure there are places where they could play.

I had supported the Pozible campaign for Gallie's new album so I was looking forward to seeing him play with a full band. He told the people that were there to come in closer and it worked. I will look forward to hearing the new album.

The night was to showcase the bands that had done support slots at the venue during the year. I had missed seeing Leticia singing before so I was happy to have made it. Leticia kept sticking her tongue out at me, but I missed getting a photo. I thought her band went great and I hope the footage they got on the night turned out well.

Unfortunately, I had to leave before Belle Rossco started, but I am sure I will see them sooner or later. I had to work the next day or I would have stayed to see them.


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