Grand Final Eve Pie Night 2013

with Dave Warner, Jon von Goes, Billy Miller, Ash Davies, Dale Lindrea, Dave Evans, Rebecca Barnard, Van and Cal Walker, Simon Madden, Loretta Miller, Horse Harrington, Paulie Stewart, Jack Howard
Caravan Music Club, Friday 27th September 2012

Set List:
Dave Warner - 2013 Season Poem
Dave Warner - accoustic song
Eagles - Desperado - Billy Miller
Tigers - Cryin' in the Rain - Van and Cal
Gold Coast - Surfboard is very long - JVG
Carlton - I've got the ruckman blues - Simon Madden
Geelong - Cool for cats - Dale Lindrea
St Kilda - Manic Monday - Rebecca Barnard
Fremantle - Underneath the Radar - Van and Cal
Simon Madden - Merv Neagle song

St Kilda - Nobody does it better - Rebecca Barnard
Hawthorn Club Song - Loretta Miller
Essendon - James Hird is a Turd - JVG
Hawthorn - All the leaves and shaking - Van and Cal
Half time at the football - Dave Warner
Don't Fall in Love - Billy Miller
St Kilda - Luna Park - Horse Harrington
Fremantle - Die Yuppie Die - Paulie Stewart
Fremantle - The boy who lost his jocks at Flinders St Station - Paulie Stewart
Ball....YES! - JVG
Holy Grail - Jack Howard and everyone
Suburban Boy - Dave Warner

Cazaly - Billy and Rebecca

Even though I have not watched the Grand Final since 2010 (I usually go to the Astor Theatre to see a movie), I always look forward to the Grand Final Eve show and this year I even got to see the parade, something I haven't for a while. I ended up having to leave work drinks early to go home and have a lie down, but it was worth it so I could make it to the show. There was a BBQ for the performers, but I did not know until I went into the main hall so I bought my dinner.

JVG introduced the night saying they nearly didn't go ahead due to not having Ian Bland to read out a poem. Luckily they managed to secure Dave Warner who read a great spoken word piece about the AFL season 2013 with many funny, but non-repeatable things.

Simon Madden also returned and yukked it up about Essendon. He also played an original composition about Merv Neagle, premiership player in the 1984 grand final.

Van and Cal went well too and it was good to have them on board for the night.

There was an actual football club theme song sung on the night by Loretta Miller as she supported them and had a good time watching them the next day I hear.

The second set was the more rocking set and the ladies did get up to dance in Don't Fall in Love like usual. Everyone was up dancing for Holy Grail, even the cardboard cut-out of Lance Franklin.

It was a great night and I am looking forward to RRR BBQ day already as it is going to be a big one I hear.


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