Grand Ole Twang VII

with the Grand Ole Twang Boys, The Cartridge Family, Cyndi Boste, Jeremy Edwards, Dan Waters, Bakersfield Glee Club, Mikelangelo and Saint Clare
RRR Performance Space, Saturday 7th December 2013

I had enjoyed previous Grand Ole Twang shows and wasn't sure if there would be one this year. Surprisingly, one was announced just when I thought there would be no time for one.

Somehow I had missed the last couple of gigs by the Cartridge Family so it was good to see them again. Half the time Rusty is telling jokes and the funniest ones often do not end up on air during the show. I got some of the best photos due to Sarah and Suzannah laughing at the jokes.

Due to going to Anna's Go Go Academy I had decided to go to Twistmas that night so would miss Cyndi Boste's album launch. It was good to see her performing and I was happy to have supported her new album on Pozible.

I had missed Dan Water's album launch, but heard it went well and I had heard a lot about him since then. I do not remember seeing him perform recently so it was also good to see him.

Bakersfield Glee Club supported Dale Watson the previous weekend and went well, they are playing around town a bit more.

Mikelangelo and Saint Clare were the final act for the day and also went great. I ended up buying the live CD of the Johnny Cash show they did. Mikelangelo had a busy weekend playing Santa at two different gigs and also performing at this show.

It was a great show as always and I was glad to make it again.


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