Graveyard Train at the Caravan Music Club 08/03/13

with Ron S Peno and the Superstitions
as part of the Carnival of Suburbia 2013
Caravan Music Club, Friday 8th March 2013

It had already been a hot few days and I was glad to be going somewhere where there was air conditioning. It was going to be a big weekend for the festival and I had been looking forward to the gig for months.

Ron S Peno and the Superstitions were up first and had the one dancer up the front during their set. Some of the photos were a bit dark as they asked for the lights to be turned down. Was still a good set though.

I had expected people to come up the front to dance during Graveyard Train, but ended up being blocked in when they did start. Was a lot more young people and what you would call the "MMM Crowd", which is strange as I am not sure they are being played on commercial radio. Must be by the sweat of their own brow they have earned that audience and they certainly did on the night. The chain player was missing due to illness, but they still played great and even managed to break a tambourine doing percussion. Lots of people singing along to their songs now and even people saying that they can't go back to the Top 40 now after seeing them. Several of the audience walked out holding their pants over one arm, but I was up the front so did not know what happened.

I did try and leave early after seeing them, but the taxi didn't turn up so I had to get a lift home.


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