Hail to the King - a tribute to Elvis Presley 19/09/13

with Kira Puru, Mojo JuJu, Stella Angelico, Simone Page Jones, Abbie Cardwell and Nancy Dancer
as part of the 2013 Darebin Music Feast
Northcote Town Hall, Thursday 19th September 2013

I had heard about this show up at the Vanguard in Sydney, but could not make the run up there so I was very happy that it was making an appearance in Melbourne. It was somewhat different to normal tribute shows in the performers each portrayed a different part of Elvis' personality as they saw it and helped make the concept more interesting apart from just a bunch of songs being performed.

These nights are always fun as one of my favourite gigs each year was the one at the Comedy Festival that is late at night with comedians doing all the songs of one artist. The performers for this show were mainly the same as the Sydney run with a full band backing them who had to learn all the songs themselves and they did very well. I believe Felix from the ReChords was on guitar although he flattened his quiff down so it was hard to recognise him.

I got to the venue about two hours before and had to sit outside in the Bain Marie venue, luckily it was not too cold this time. As it was a bit dark in the venue I have had to push the photos a bit to get the most out of them.

First up was Nancy Dancer (Hayley from Twincest), who I missed seeing when her group came down last so it was great to see her on the night. She was very sparkly and portrayed the glamorous side of Elvis.

Kira Piru showed the more melancholy Elvis and is a great addition to Melbourne's music scene having moved down from Newcastle recently. Mojo Juju joined her for a few songs as the sleazy Elvis and then did some songs herself to finish off the first set.

Abbie Cardwell was funny as the cheesy Elvis in her Mexican outfit borrowed from the Chickano Rockers band she is also in. She was one of the more fun performers on the night and I am looking forward to seeing her again.

Simone Page Jones as the kinky Elvis was also great and even did a Cher joke when she came on stage. Her mum was in the audience so she could not play up too much, but she still did a great bunch of songs and dancing.

Stella Angelico rounded off the solo performers as Vegas Elvis with a big cape and the dance moves to match. I haven't seen her for quite a while so it was great to see her perform again.

All the girls came out to do one more song together at the end and then had to come back and do a curtain call as there were no more songs and people still wanted more. It was a great night. Not sure if it is going to run again but it was well worth going to see and I was glad I did even though I was very tired the day before.


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