Heel Burners at Bella Union 16/11/13

with Stella Angelico, Zoe K and the Shadow Katz, Coral Lee and the Silver Scream, Sugar Fed Leopards, DJ LadyBlades, Brooklyn Queenz DJs
Bella Union, Saturday 16th November 2013

I was originally going to go to an AWME gig on the same night, but I saw the poster for this gig when I was at Bella Union for Anna's GoGo Academy a few weeks before and changed my mind. I had not seen three of the bands for a while and Sugar Fed Leopards was a new one for me.

Arriving early I caught the end of the sound check and got to see Sugar Fed Leopard's set. The lead singer is also in the Rebelles who I have not seen for a while. I will try to see them in the future.

Acey arrived just in time to see Zoe's band as I had been hoping she would pop in while she was in town for AWME. There were a few more people for Zoe's band and I hear the residency at the Old Bar went well.

It was good to see Coral Lee again and also see the people dancing to her set. There are a few people who go to see her to dance now, which is great to see. I also got to talk to Coral after her set and catch up.

There was a big crowd in the venue for Stella Angelico and she also has wings that she wore for a few songs in her set. I had last seen her at the Elvis "Hail to the King" show and got to pass on the photos from that night. A lot of her friends turned up including a heap of musicians so it was a big party by then.

For the after party the Brooklyn Queenz DJ'ed and danced. I did take some photos but have respectfully decided not to show them after negotiation with the group.

It was a good night and I got to see Acey one more time before she goes over to Texas to live for several years.


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