I Thank You - A Tribute to Tim Hemensley

with Warped, Bored!, Bittersweet Kicks, Digger & the Pussy Cats, The Spazzys, The Casanovas, The Swedish Magazines, The Onyas, The Seminal Rats, Hoss, Powder Monkeys and guests
I did not get to see: Fortress of Narzod, Wrong Turn, Powerline Sneakers, Undecided By Default, Dave Hogan, Leadfinger, Speed Demons, Hits
as part of the Leaps and Bounds Music Festival
The Tote, Sunday 21st July 2013

The Hemensley Cup
with the Powder Monkeys and guests
at Victoria Park, Abbotsford, Sunday 21st July
Ladies game/The Rockdogs vs The Rat Bags (music journalists)

This was always going to be the biggest gig at the Leaps and Bounds festival and I booked a ticket not even knowing if I was going to be working when it was on. Luckily I had arranged to have a day off afterwards so I could enjoy the day without having to worry about going into work the next day tired. I did not have a drink the whole day, but you can't have everything.

Given the weather on the two days before I was not sure if I was going to make the Hemensley Cup at Victoria Park before the gig as the day was going to be a long one. I was glad I did make it even though it was a cold day as I did not end up staying to see the full set of the band when they finally played at the end of the day. It was also a chance for people who had missed getting tickets for the Tote to see the Powder Monkeys.

Having the match before the game also meant to pub was pretty much full as soon as the bands started with great sets by Warped, Bored! and the Bittersweet Kicks. I went down the street to get dinner so I missed Wrong Turn unfortunately (was hard to get upstairs during the day.) It was good to see Digger and the Pussycats playing on the pool table in the front bar, even though it was too crowded to move when they were on.

I did see the Spazzys relatively recently, but it is always good to see them again. The Casanovas sounded good, but I wanted to see at least some of the Swedish Magazines with a fill-in singer due to Van being on tour in Europe. Was good to see them again after quite a while.

The Onyas were reliable as ever and are doing another gig coming up at the Tote for the Blokes You Can Trust after party of its premiere at the film festival.

The Seminal Rats are another band I missed when they were first around, but they sounded pretty good.

Hoss do not play these days with Dean Muller playing with the Cosmic Psychos, but it was like old times when they played.

As happens at the Tote people love the bands too much sometimes and everyone tries to get as close to the stage as possible. Even not moving from near the front I somehow ended up with people in front of me. As I had ended up on my arse previously due to a crowd surge, I wasn't too keen to repeat the experience and when the guest singers were having trouble getting on stage I thought I was best to leave. I had enjoyed the band earlier in the day so it didn't really count as leaving early.

Top day still and I would have to say it was one of the best line-ups since the Monster Sessions and one of the better days I have been to at the Tote. Congratulations to all involved and hopefully the Leaps and Bounds festival returns next year.


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