JVG Guitar Method at the Caravan Music Club 13/09/13

with MC Brian Nankervis
Winnebago Lounge at the Caravan Music Club, Friday 13th September 2013

I was pretty tired for this but I still managed to make it out for half the gig as I enjoyed the last time.

Brian Nankervis went well even with the really drunk bloke sitting with a bottle of wine gibbering. Brian is at least 50% of the show and it is a shame you don't get to see more of him on Rockwiz.

The JVG Guitar Method have some new songs now and Brian did vocals on the new one "Fishin'" JVG also did "YeahNah" and Mark Ferrie sang "Shit Happens".

I got the bus home early, but from what I heard the rest of night went well.


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