JVG Radio Method RRR Radiothon Spectacular 2013

with the Stu Thomas Paradox, Ian Bland (pre-record), Tracy McNeil and Luke Sinclair, David Bridie and Anthony Morgan (pre-record), The Band Who Knew Too Much, the Tiger and Me, Tinpan Orange, Sarah Carroll & Pete Ewing, Dr Pump, Dan Warner
RRR Performance Space, Sunday 18th August 2012

It had already been a big weekend for me with the Mustered Courage and the Davidson Brothers on Friday and Dog Trumpet on Saturday. While it was not the best idea to stay up so late the night before this I did what I did and was still going to make it any way.

I had already subscribed the weekend before and thanked Pumpy for reading out my subscription when I met him in the smokers' lounge out the back. I had a chicken schnitzel sandwich for lunch over at the Lomond so I would have my hands free for taking photos and not have a sausage in one hand, but Stew Farell did do a good job with the BBQ.

The Stu Thomas Paradox do play quite a few gigs, but I never seem to hear about them until I have something else on. I am blind to Facebook events now as there are too many of them.

Ian Bland's spoken word sounded great and whoever is doing his Twitter account for him always retweets when I mention JVG's show.

I missed going to see Raised by Eagles CD launch last month, but it was good to see Tracy and Luke playing together.

Over at the pub earlier I overhead a conversation about a USB stick being dropped on the ground that contained an important file, that file was the pre-recorded song by David Bridie and Anthony Morgan of KISS' "I wanna Rock and Roll all night" which sort of went OK I guess?

With much fanfare the first performance of the Band Who Knew Too Much since Dave got back from touring with Warhorse included two songs including the Beastie Boys standard with Dr Pump. I will try to get to see them again soon.

The Tiger and Me returned again after last week's show along with two of the (non-singing) Nymphs in the audience, Bek was playing with the DC3 in her other band. They did do something contemporary and controversially from the new Great Gatsby soundtrack, but I thought it worked well.

I was lucky enough to talk to Emily before Tinpan Orange went on and got to say hello to Jesse. They did do a slower Hank Williams song, but I thought it suited the day.

Sarah Carroll & Pete Ewing performed a Ween song that I thought went well even though Pete had to read the words.

Pumpy's song with Mim went great I thought and the final song with Dan and the rest of the band backing him up was excellent.

I was going to go see the Large Number 12s after the gig, but only lasted a few songs before leaving, getting dinner in the city and I was in bed by 7pm that night, I don't even get home from work by then during the week.


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