Jordie Lane at the Caravan Music Club 10/11/13

with Marlon Williams, Old Man Luedecke
Caravan Music Club, Sunday 10th November 2013

The weather was a bit iffy, but I still walked to the Caravan from home as I did not get the chance to go for a walk earlier in the day. I need to get a bike so I can ride there.

It was a bit of a different gig with Marlon Williams, Old Man Luedecke and Jordie each doing their set and then doing some songs together at the end.

Marlon Williams played great and I will have to see him more often around town.

Old Man Luedecke was new to me, but sounds familiar so I must have heard of him somewhere before. He has a great dry sense of humour.

Jordie played the songs off his new album and also some old favourites as well as telling some stories about living in the USA and one about a dog and a drumstick.

It had been a while since I was at a gig late enough on a Sunday for the 6pm remembrance ceremony, it was a good break in the set though.

I decided against walking home, but it was good to get home early for a Sunday so I could have a rest.


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