Mick Thomas and the Roving Commission at the Flying Saucer Club 21/12/13

with Amarillo, Charles Jenkins and the Zhivagos
Flying Saucer Club, Saturday 21st December 2013

Mick Thomas had taken a couple of years off from the Christmas shows, but had started up again this year. I usually go to the one at the Corner, but had something else on that night so I came down to the Flying Saucer Club instead. I did pick up the Christmas Day at Spencer Street album as I had enjoyed hearing the songs from it.

First up was Amarillo, who I had not seen before, but I thought they went well.

Charles Jenkins and the Zhivagos also played a great set and even had special guest Georgia Fields singing Swing Bridge.

Mick and the band played all the old favourites and even one new one from the Vanedmonian Lags release. Even though I thought there would not be enough room for dancing, people still managed it. There was also crying and hugging during "For a short time". As it was a big night I ended up walking home via an Indian restaurant where they kept turning the lights off when I was eating.


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