New Year's Eve at the Caravan Music Club 2013

with Sarah Carroll and Her Psychedelic Wildmen, Chris Wilson
Caravan Music Club, Tuesday 31st December 2012

I had not been doing much since BoxWars as I had to get through a backlog of photos that I never got around to finishing during December due to being so busy.
As last year I knew that I was going to have to leave soon after midnight, it is still better than not seeing Sarah and Chris as there were all those years I wanted to go down to Barwon Heads for New Year's Eve and couldn't make it.

Sarah Carroll and Her Psychedelic Wildmen played first, Marcel had a nice suit on and luckily it was not too hot as last time he wore it was on BBQ day when it was a bit uncomfortable. People were a bit chatty during their set, but I thought it went all right.

Chris Wilson and band did two sets with the second set starting at 11.30pm-ish, the main point being that they did not want to stuff up the count down like happened last year. It wasn't too far out this time though and everyone was up and dancing. Some strange person kissed the back of my head?

There were a lot more amateur fireworks this year and I had to not only dodge them in the park while going to the train station, but also watch out for people throwing them out of cars. A huge one went off in Caulfield Park and I found the home made mortar in a bucket the next day.


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