The Nymphs/The Tiger and Me at the Toff 11/08/13

Toff in Town, Sunday 11th August 2013

I had not been to any gigs or taken photos for the past couple of weeks due to seeing 20 films at the Melbourne International Film Festival. I was originally going to go to the Saturday show, then had another gig on and then finally decided to have that night off due to being tired. From what I hear the Saturday night show was a bit more boisterous due to everyone standing up. This show had the tables and chairs out and was more civilised. The two nights were recorded and filmed for a live album release later in the year. I had enjoyed the Nymphs vintage party last year and hoped it would be as fun.

The Nymphs had the first set and were lovely as always. I did get to say hello to Clare during the set break and got a photo of her on the merchandise stand.

This was the first time I had been to see the Tiger and Me even after knowing about them all this time. They went really well and I was surprised by the number of songs of theirs I know even from just listening to their songs online and watching videos.

The final set was the Nymphs and the Tiger and Me combined. They did a mixture of songs including one they had not done since they transitioning to a vocal-only group a while ago (Mr Slink). I did like Kel's murder ballad and her anecdote about what she usually likes to do on a Sunday evening.

It was a great night and hopefully there was a lot of material both bands can use for recording. I look forward to seeing the bands later in the year.


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