Oakleigh Music Festival Day 2013

with Seattle Fix, Sol Nation, Cash Savage and the Last Drinks, Chris Wilson, Mick Pealing and the Prairie Oysters, Ross Hannaford and the Critters
Warrawee Park, Sunday 17th March 2013

I missed the festival day last year due to being up in Sydney that weekend for the Community Cup so I was looking forward to this one.

Even though I had only seen a couple of the bands before, I was still looking forward to seeing the other bands as I don't often get the opportunity to see bands I know nothing about these days.

The city of Monash Band had played before I arrived, but I am sure I will see them another time. The first band I saw when I got there were Seattle Fix, who I thought went well despite the clouds looking a bit dark.

Sol Nation were a reggae/funk band who did manage to get some of the crowd dancing and I am sure they will go well in the future.

Quite a few people turned up to see Cash Savage and the Last Drinks and one of the security staff even asked where they play usually. It was good to see Kat not sick like last time.

Chris Wilson did a good job of engaging with the crowd as always and received some cheers from the Caravan drinking area.

I had heard of Mick Pealing, but hadn't made it to any of his gigs before. I thought he went quite well and it turns out I do actually know one of his songs.

The final band for the day have been getting good crowds for their Sunday shows at the Caravan, but I had not made it until now. Yuri from Barbarion plays with them as does Tim Neal and special guest for the day was Peter Luscombe on drums.

I was getting a bit tired towards the end and it started spitting so I went home early. It was a great day and it was good to meet everyone outside of the Caravan Music Club including several dogs owned by regular punters who also came down for the day.


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