Oh Pep! EP Launch 10/10/13

with Grizzy Jim Lawrite, The Bluebottles
Workers Club, Thursday 10th October 2013

I had enjoyed Oh Pep!s last EP launch, but had missed the classic album show with Paul Simon's Graceland and also the month of shows at the Grace Darling, so I was determined to make it to this show. I even ended up getting there super early and had to wait for the doors to open.

It had been a while since I saw Grizzly Jim Lawrie, but I thought he went well and even had some new songs since I saw him last.

There were a heap of people who came to see the Bluebottles and I even had people ask me after the gig where they played as they are getting popular now. It was good to have them as they were different to the other two bands.

Oh Pep!s new EP turned out great and they told some stories about recording it up in NSW. There were lots of people for the launch and they even sold out of the EP. I still have to buy some of the crockery one day as it will be something that won't be around for long. It was also great to have a chat with Olivia before the show and hear about her competing in the Road to Tamworth. The band is going on tour this month and hopefully it goes well. I am looking forward to hearing their full album launch in the future.


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