The Orbweavers Ceiling Rose/Match Factory Single Launch 15/09/13

with Shiver Like Timber
Northcote Social Club, Sunday 15th September 2013

I was originally going to go to the launch gig at the Caravan Music Club, but something came up so I was happy to be able to make it to the matinee gig.

Fern could not make it, but I am assured that he will make an appearance on RRR BBQ Day later in the year if all goes well. There was some discussion of Fern during the gig as they could put a bed on stage, but Marita is not sure the dog would like it.

Support for the afternoon was Shiver Like Timber who came down from Sydney for the gig.

People did want to sit down for the gig, but had to stand up as more people wanted to fit in. It is very dark in the Northcote Social Club even during the day so it was a relaxing gig.

I did not know Marita was so funny, one of her friends thought everything she was saying was hilarious. I do enjoy hearing the back story for the songs and the historical anecdotes and try to listen when Marita is on RRR talking about things.

While I am more used to seeing the Orbweavers play as a duo, it is always good to see them play as a full band and their new songs Ceiling Rose and Match Factory topped and tailed the gig.

It was a great day and I am looking forward to hearing more from the Orbweavers in the future.


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