The Orbweavers at the Toff in Town 14/11/13

with Sweet Jean, Maya Kamaty
as part of the Australasian Worldwide Music Expo 2013
Toff in Town, Thursday 14th November 2013

While I was going to go to another show on Saturday for AWME, this ended up being the only so I could make due to my birthday the next day and something else on Saturday.

Maya Kamaty was up first with her band and sang all her songs in Creole. I thought they went well and some people had heard of them when I mentioned them to people the next day.

Sweet Jean played a rare show with a full band and went well. Due to the gig being part of a conference there was some networking up the back someone told them to shoosh. I will have to get their EP as I enjoyed the songs on it.

I did get to say hello to Stewart before the show, but Marita was getting ready. For this gig they had an extra trumpet player and keyboardist. Due to time constraints they had to cut some songs including Spotswood, but it was still a great show. Hopefully I will get to finally meet Fern at RRR BBQ Day coming up.


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