Pardise Anthology 7 Launch

with MC Michael Crane, Wayne Jury, Anthony Doig, Ruby and Lucy Todd, Swamp Dandies
Robarta, Sunday 8th December 2013

This was booked in ages ago, I was never going to not go. I was hoping that Ben John Smith would make it but it did not happen unfortunately.

I had not been going to any other poetry events since I stopped taking photos at Poetry Idol.

As it happened I ended up seeing Wayne Jury quite a few times in the last part of the year, but these things happen. I enjoyed his set.

There were some poetry readings from work published in the book and I recognised some past participants in the competitions in the audience.

I had not seen the Swamp Dandies before or Greg Arnold from Things of Stone and Wood, I thought it went well.

Supposedly this was meant to be the last edition of the Paradise Anthology published. I have heard "last" before, we shall see.


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