Queenscliff Music Festival 2013

22rd - 24th November 2013
The Pigs, Russell Morris, Transvaal Diamond Syndicate, Darren Percival, The Owls, The Tiny Giants, The Living End, The Brow Horn Orchestra, Tides of Welcome, Yirrmal and the Yonglu Boys, Hussy Hicks, Sweethearts, Ginger and Tonic, Chris Russell's Chicken Walk, Andrew Swift and the Rattlesnake Choir, Genevieve Chadwick, Spiderbait, Stompy and the Heat, The Ray Mann Three, Twin Beasts, Papa Pilko and the Bin Rats, Microwave Jenny, Jeff Lang, Dallas Frasca, Underground Lovers, The Basics, Mason Rack Band, King of the North

Photo mosaic commemorating the festival


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