Queenscliff Music Festival 2013 - Friday

The Pigs, Russell Morris, Transvaal Diamond Syndicate, Darren Percival, The Owls, The Tiny Giants, The Living End, The Brow Horn Orchestra
Friday 22nd November 2013

For my ninth Queenscliff Music Festival in a row I was lucky enough to stay with friends again just across the road from the festival. I also managed to get picked up and dropped off at home, which was nice as I am used to doing part of the trip by public transport. It does make a big difference being in the town for the festival, but it also means you are more inclined to stay later and not go to bed until late.

I did get to talk to the Dancing Goat Coffee dudes and they yelled out to me every time I walked past during the weekend.

It was great to see the changes to the festival this year as I expect it would be a cycle of continuous improvement. The entire site was licensed, but smoking was restricted to certain areas. The stages seemed to be much improved this year with much better access to the front of the stage so I could take photos. The only one I could not get good photos at was the Lighthouse Stage due to it being so high. I decided to stick with the other stages any way this year.

Having never seen them when they played at the Greyhound Hotel I enjoyed seeing the Pigs and they went well with being one of the first acts.

I have heard Russel Morris' new album Sharkmouth has been going quite well and I enjoyed the songs off it including the one about Squizzy Taylor. I ended up staying to watch until he played the Real Thing.

For some reason I ended up seeing Transvaal Diamond Syndicate three times over the weekend even without meaning to. They were a good solid band.

I had last seen Darren Percival when he was just a solo act and a couple of years before he went on the Voice. He does have a full band now and seemed to get a good reaction from the audience.

My number one priority for the night was to see the Tiny Giants and I ended up hanging around the Pavilion and catching the end of the Owls set in the competition. Due to winning the rock category last year the Tiny Giants headlined for the Friday night and had a lot of dancers. I was surprised to see Carbie even turned up to take photos. Sarah was away at the Mullum Mullum Music Festival so she could not make it, the rest of the Wilson family turned up and Mym.

It did seem strange having a band such as the Living End on the Friday, I thought they would be on later in the weekend. I did not get many photos due to the lights shining towards the audience and the stage being high, but everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves and singing along. The Living End did not play many shows this year in Melbourne so I know a few people came down to see them.

Finishing off the Friday night for me was the Brow Horn Orchestra from Western Australia. They were popular with the younger audience and had a lot of dancers, something that is always good at a festival where it is hard to get people off the ground sometimes.


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