Queenscliff Music Festival 2013 - Sunday

Tides of Welcome, Microwave Jenny, Yirrmal and the Yonglu Boys, Jeff Lang, Dallas Frasca, The Underground Lovers, The Basics, Mason Rack Band, Transvaal Diamond Syndicate, King of the North, The Brow Horn Orchestra, Papa Pilko and the Bin Rats
Sunday 24th November 2013

After a long day on the previous day I started off with seeing the Tides of Welcome doing their showcase show at the Pelican Bar as I enjoyed it last year.

I only got to see Yirrmal and the Yonglu Boys briefly the previous day and heard that their show at the Pavilion had been very popular so I arrived at Lombardys early enough to see the end of Microwave Jenny's set. They were very nice and I hope to see them in the future.

Yirrmal and the Yonglu Boys were definitely one of the highlights of the festival and so popular they eventually had to get everyone to stand up and still could not fit everyone in. It was a good set and I hope to see more from this performer in the future.

For the rest of the day I mainly stayed around the Pelican Bar and Hippos stage seeing Jeff Lang, Dallas Frasca, The Underground Lovers and the Basics.

Mason Rack Band had been recommended to me due to the drumming performance art piece at the end that reminded me of the Taiko drumming, but using things like ladders, the floor, beer kegs and synchronised stick tossing as part of the show.

This was the first year I managed to make it to the after party also and after going back to where I was staying for a quick dinner I enjoyed seeing the last few bands.

I didn't really drink all weekend so when I had the chance on Sunday I might have had a bit too much.

Even though I wasn't too crash hot the next day and threw up when I got home, I was still glad to have gone and will take it a bit more easy on the Sunday if I go next year.


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