RRR BBQ Day 2013

with JVG, Melbourne BBQ Orchestra (Dan Warner, Matt Earl, Nathan Farrelly, Adam Simmons, Ed Bates, Marcel Borrack, Alex), Angie Hart, Van and Cal Walker, Ben Birchall, Adam Simmons, Pete Ewing, The Nymphs, William Ewing, Suzannah Espie, Sarah Carroll, Kerri Simpson, Cash Savage, Casey Bennetto, The Rebelles, Dr Pump
Ceres Environmental Park, Sunday 1st December 2011

Song list:
MBO - Dan Warner
Angie Poem - Angie Hart
Frying in the Rain - Van and Cal
Cold Meat Now - Ben Birchall
Delicious - Adam Simmons
Pork on the Mild Side - JVG
Waiting for my Lamb - Pete Ewing
Nymphs song - The Nymphs
Give Me Back My Sanger - William Ewing
Crumbling Ice - Suzannah Espie
Funky Sausage - JVG
Bizarre Love Triangle - Angie Hart
Red Onion - Sarah Carroll
You Can Shove Your Satay - Cash Savage
That's the Way I light it - Casey Bennetto
My Steak's a Beauty - Casey Bennetto
Gnawing on a Chicken Bone - The Rebelles
Cooking on the Moon - Pumpy
Are they Cold Enough - Pumpy
Get Your Steak On - Pumpy
Under Pressue - Dan Warner
That's the Way I light it (reprise) - Casey Bennetto

On a weekend when not having access the Tardis is the only thing that prevented me from seeing any more music I was not going to miss this no matter what else was on that day. I even left early from an excellent gig the night before and have been in training for the December run of gigs for a few months now or I would not have been able to make it.

While I now have a backlog of photos to get through, I wanted to get these out straight away as is traditional or as close to the day as possible. I will no doubt be working on photos from November and December in the Christmas/New Year break when I do not have anything else on.

It was a great day and I even managed to walk around CERES a bit in between shows, don't know why I hadn't before I have been coming there for BBQ Day for nearly ten years. For the record next year is the 10th anniversary of it being at CERES.

There was a bit of a gap in the day with Ian Bland not being there and the frequent gusts of wind were called "the ghost of Ian Bland" by JVG. Angie Hart did a great poem as a replacement though.

All the songs were great and I did enjoy the Nymphs writing their own BBQ themed song, hopefully they will perform it again at their Christmas show.

Casey Bennetto performed two songs as "Casey and the Sunshine BBQ Band" and got a great response from the crowd. I have missed not seeing the Half Arsed Three this year.

Pumpy bought it home with his three songs and there was a bit of extra time left over so Casey got to do one of his songs this year.

As it was a bit hotter than last year, I almost got a bit too hot out in the sun and had to drink a 1.5 litre bottle of water on the way home.

I did go over to the Lomond, but it was hot and crowded and I didn't feel like staying this year. I will go to see Dan and Al just before Christmas this year as I missed him last year due to going home early to my parents.


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