Retreat Hotel 10th Birthday Celebrations

with Yanto Shortis, Suzannah Espie and the Last Word
Retreat Hotel, Tuesday 5th November 2013

It had been almost three years since Suzannah Espie and the Last Word played as a band. I don't remember them breaking up as much as Suzannah and the other band members going off do other things and Suzannah's album was launched in a different format with the original people that recorded it rather than a full band album with the first two.

I had first started going to the Retreat Hotel ten years ago also. I believe the first show I had been to there was the Red Hot Poker Dots in December 2003 in the beer garden when it was still just all concrete out the back and not done up fancy. Although I could not stay for all the bands and definitely not as late as the Re-mains were playing, I still wanted to make it to see a couple of bands.

While it would have been nice to see Wild Turkey, they had finished by the time I arrived and everyone packed into the front bar to see Yanto Shortis. It was a bit squeezy so I wandered into the main band room to watch Suzannah's band set up and also take the silly photos of Big Boy Lemonade I usually do to get them out of the way.

Suzannah's band played like they had not even had a break, which was to be expected with the musicians involved. It was great to see a lot of the regulars who used to come see the Last Word at the gig along with new additions to their families who had arrived in the mean time. I still remember little John knocking over someone's beer the last time the band played at the Retreat and it was being recorded for PBS' Cup Day Chaos.

Even though there were more bands on including Spencer P Jones starting straight after in the main bar, I was happy just to see Suzannah play and didn't want to get too greedy after a big weekend.


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