SEXY/HEAVY - Battlesushi Video Launch 14/09/13

with Transistor, Dazook
Yah Yahs, Saturday 14th September 2013

I originally had other plans on this night, but the lead singer of SEXY HEAVY personally asked me to come and I had missed the band playing other gigs in the past due to being busy. I had not seen the other two bands on the support either or been to that particular venue before, I usually like to have at least one thing I know before going to a gig.

I arrived a bit before the gig to find the lead singer of SEXY HEAVY wrangling with the projector, it turned out to be their laptops not working with it. While they fixed that up I got to see Transistor play who went well considering the sparse early crowd and the distracting array of costumed people going to a party in the upstairs bar.

Dazook played second and were one of the louder bands I have seen for a while. There are quite a few two piece bands in Melbourne and they are one of them.

Before SEXY HEAVY took the stage we got the see the premiere of the new video for the Battlesushi single made by Vesper White who has also made the introductory short films for the Gorlesque shows for the past few years. I thought the clip went quite well.

For some reason SEXY HEAVY decided to come on stage covered in some kind of powder? The gig went well even though I decided to leave a bit before the end, there were quite a few more people by the end of the night and hopefully they all got to party on upstairs or went next door to the "underwear party".


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