Chris Wilson Flying Saucer Club 13/07/13

with Sarah Carroll and Her Psychedelic Wildmen
Flying Saucer Club, Saturday 13th July 2013

Even though it was a bit chilly and raining on the night, I still managed to make it down to the gig via the tram instead of walking this time.

It was great to see Sarah Carroll and Her Psychedelic Wildmen play again for the first time since New Year's Eve. It was Sarah's first time playing at the venue, so it was good to see there were a lot of people in for the show.

The last time Chris Wilson played at the Caravan Music Club I ended up leaving early due to being tired. I did stay for the entire show this time and decided to try a different way to get home via the train and No. 3 tram where I did not get home until midnight.


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