Scion Pirates at the Darebin Music Feast 20/09/13

with Chris Wilson, Michael Crane, Ben John Smith, Anthony Doig, Jeana Vithoulkas, Jessica Migotto
as part of the 2013 Darebin Music Feast
Northcote Town Hall, Friday 20th September 2013

I had enjoyed the last one of these at the Way Out West Blues and Roots Club in Williamstown and was happy to come to this one.

The previous night at the same venue had been the Hail to the King show and I ended up arriving around the same time and waiting in the Bain Marie listening to music and having dinner.

I thought the band played well and they did play more backing behind the spoken word pieces than I remember in the last show, I thought it went well.

Chris Wilson did a few of his songs and also played with the band at the end.

It was a good night and hopefully the one down at the Piping Hot Chicken Shop in December goes well.


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