Songstress at the Darebin Music Feast 24/09/13

with Ginger & Tonic, Aluka, The Nymphs
as part of the 2013 Darebin Music Feast
Northcote Town Hall, Tuesday 24th September 2013

I had been looking forward to this gig so much as I first went to see the Nymphs after thinking Anabelle from Aluka was in that band. I had suggested that they do a gig together a couple of years ago, but these things take time to organise and bands are always busy.

Ginger and Tonic is another group I had not heard of before this gig was organised and I had enjoyed their videos on Youtube. They are a different style to Aluka and the Nymphs and do more contemporary songs with some dancing. It was great to finally see them and I hope to see them more regularly in the future.

It was great to see Aluka again after their album launch at the Northcote Uniting Church back in May. I did not end up taking as many photos of them as they do not move around much, they even had an anecdote about why they do not do so.

Before the show I got to say hello to Clare from the Nymphs and mentioned another a capella group called the Pacific Belles I want to go to see. The Nymphs were great as always and had a lot of their family and friends in the audience.

The last song of the night had Ginger and Tonics, Aluka and the Nymphs come up on stage and do a song together, which was great.

This was one of my favourite shows this year and I hope the groups can do it again some time.


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