Stan Ridgway Caravan 19/05/13

with Andrew Swift, Brooke Russell and the Mean Reds
Caravan Music Club, Sunday 19th May 2013

I don't often get to see a lot of international touring musicians due to the costs involved, so I was glad that Stan Ridgway was doing a show at the Caravan so I would be able to make it. While most people would know him from the song Mexican Radio, he did have a lot of other songs that I was surprised I knew, but that is getting ahead of myself.

Supports for the night were Andrew Swift and Brooke Russell and the Mean Reds who both went well. I wouldn't have expected an international artist to have two local supports.

Before the show I met Stan Ridgway's manager Jackie "Teak" Lazar who oversaw the merchandise stand and also starred in the video "Big Dumb Town" where he was set on fire and took a swim in the ocean. There were a lot people in for the show for a Sunday night and Stan was a bit intimidated that everyone was so quiet between songs, having to ask people to heckle and yell out song requests. He also gave me lip when I walked across in front of the stage in between songs, but that is just part of the act and I did get to meet him after the show. It was a good show and hopefully Stan will come back sooner rather than later.


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