Stephen Pigram at the Caravan Music Club 19/04/13

with Gallie
Caravan Music Club, Friday 19th April 2013

I had not seen the Pigram Brothers perform since they came down to play at the Queenscliff Music Festival in 2009, so I was looking forward to this night.

Gallie was the support and I had also wanted to see him for a while after hearing a lot about him from people who have been to see him at Pure Pop.

Stephen Pigram started off with a Pigram Brothers song and went into his own songs off his new solo album. After they ran out of songs from the album they did some older songs and finished off the night with some old favourites. I also enjoyed the stories Stephen told during the night including the one about the low speed car chase during the filming of 'Mad Bastards' and the entire town turning out to cheer the car being chased as there was not much to do in the town.

It was a special night and a lot of people lined up to buy CDs afterwards and talk to Stephen Pigram afterwards, always a sign of a successful show.


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