JVG's Stopping All Stations (Except East Richmond) 2013

with MC JVG, Ian Bland, Greg Champion, The Orbweavers, Billy Miller, Ash Davies, Dale Lindrea, Monique DiMattina, Billy Miller, John Kennedy, Ron Rude, Dr Pump, Wes and Horse Harrington, Cal McAlpine, Paulie Stewart, The Skyhooks (Bob Starkie, Greg Macainsh, Bob Spencer, Laura Davidson)
as part of the Carnival of Suburbia 2013
Caravan Music Club, Saturday 9th March 2013

Song list:
Poem - Ian Bland
Bulleen/Don't Make a Right Turn at Bourke Rd Malvern/What's at the end of Warrigal Rd? - Greg Champion
Ron Rude - From Belgrave With Love
Merri/Spotswood - The Orbweavers
Dandenongs - Billy Miller
Joan of Burwood/Ascot Vale - Monique DiMattina
King St - John Kennedy
6 O'Clock Train - Billy Miller

-- set break --

Bunnings spoken word - Ian Bland
6.15 Train to Montmerency - Greg Champion
Mont Albert - JVG
Thornbury/Footscray to the Stars - Dr Pump
From St Kilda to Kings Cross - John Kennedy
Melbourne Bitter - Wes and Horse
Footscray - Billy Miller
Luna Park's Smile is Frowning on St Kilda - Wes and Horse
Victoria/The Boy who lost his jocks at Flinders St Station - Paulie Stewart
Toorak Cowboy/Balwyn Calling/Lygon St Limbo/All My Friends are getting married - Skyhooks
West Notting Hill - Billy Miller

Now in its third year and easily one of the highlights of my gig going calendar JVG's Stopping All Stations (Except East Richmond) show continues to go from strength to strength even attracting several other photographers to the event (I had a good run by myself and most other gigs).

There were some new performers this year as well as some old favourites and a chance for the Orbweavers to promote their gig the next week so it tied in with the rest of the Carnival of Suburbia more.

Ian Bland read some excellent pieces on neighbourhood disputes and Bunnings addiction that even the backing band was cracking up laughing at.

Greg Champion returned after his popular night last year a week before the Grand Final with some songs about the suburbs and a couple of footy references thrown in.

Ron Rude a couple of songs and even threw in a bonus interpretive dance.

In a first there was even a song not about Melbourne by John Kennedy who was down from Sydney and had his "Sons of Sun" production the next day at the same venue. I thought it went well as did his version of "From St Kilda to Kings Cross".

The stalwart of RRR BBQ Day Dr Pump turned up for a couple of power songs and also went great.

It is always great to see Wes and Horse perform and Billy Miller joined them to sing Luna Park's Smile is Frowning on St Kilda for one of the highlights of the night.

Paulie Stewart got more than he bargained for with "Boy Who Lost His Jocks..." when a large pair of men's undies flew up on stage and landed on the microphone. I am not sure if the owner reclaimed them at the end of the night.

Of course everyone got up and danced to the Skyhooks and they even managed to fit in an extra song, much to the audience's joy.

Finishing off the night was Billy Miller accompanied by Wes and Horse with "West Notting Hill" to the tune of "Fool on the Hill" about renaming Oakleigh for higher property values (same theme as East Murrumbeena and North Mentone). By next year they will not need to rename the suburb as it will be desirable just for being near the Caravan Music Club.


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