These Machines Cut Razor Wire 2013

Benefit for the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre
with Les Thomas, Beautiful Change, Suzannah Espie, Fraser Gorman, Nigel Wearne, The Stillsons (duo of Justin Bernasconi and Cat Canteri), Alison Ferrier, Ruth Lindsey, Bill Jackson, Ashley Davies, Chris Wilson, Jeff Lang, Charles Jenkins, Mandy Connell, Jed Rowe
Thornbury Theatre, Sunday 14th April 2012

After getting home late the night before, I was a bit tired but still looking forward to this show as I enjoyed it last year. The only good thing about not working at the moment was that I didn't have to get up early the next day.

This year the line up was a bit different and the performers did have a theme of songs of freedom with some of their own songs that suited the day.

There was also some representatives of the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre talking about what the day was about and also current news with a report on the hunger strikers at the Broadmeadows immigration detention centre at the same time. The Song for Silva was a big highlight and is a major part of the publicity. I was happy to see messages from Silva himself on Facebook before and after the event also.

I enjoyed the different acts during the day especially Suzannah Espie with Jeff Lang and Alison Ferrier and Chris Wilson making jokes about Margaret Thatcher.

I did try to leave early, but the tram did not turn up like last year. Thanks to Chris and Michael for giving me a lift to the city.


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